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Removal of Lugo, U.S. political maneuvering

Friday, July 6, 2012

Removal of Lugo, U.S. political maneuvering
Removal of Lugo, U.S. political maneuvering. 47474.jpegRemoval of Lugo, U.S. political maneuvering

On the day of his ouster, lawmakers negotiated a military base
by Stella Calloni

While performing a rapid impeachment against the democratically elected president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, on June 22, considered "illegal" by neighboring countries, Paraguayan deputies met with U.S. military to negotiate the installation of a military base in the Chaco, and depopulating a vast territory of the South American country.

The lawmaker, Jose Lopez Chavez, who responded to the Colorado Party splinter group (the Unace) - a coup led by General Lino Oviedo, which has some differences, and is chairman of the Defense Committee of the House, expressed hope "that U.S. military bases will be installed in Chaco, according to ABC Color (www.abccolor.com.py).

According to this environment, the most powerful media complex of the right in Paraguay and key in the removal of Lugo, Deputy Lopez Chavez, accused of mafia behavior, confirmed that he talked with U.S. military leaders about the possibility of installing bases, although the issue is being analyzed by the Pentagon

Speaking to a Paraguayan radio station (789 AM), the legislator argued that "it is necessary" to install these bases, since, in his opinion, Bolivia "is a threat to Paraguay because of the arms race that it develops." He also claims that his country needs to improve its safety in unpopulated areas.

The "humanitarian aid"

The bilateral agreement would be "humanitarian aid to the local population for U.S. troops."  As is known, the "civic action" and "humanitarian aid," has enabled U.S. troops to be in Paraguay, and to be given diplomatic immunity in May 2005.  It is nothing more than a counter-insurgency scheme, spying and population and territorial control. .... MORE


URL: http://english.pravda.ru/hotspots/conflicts/04-07-2012/121555-lugo_operation_condor-0/


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