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RP 4th most corrupt on Asia-Pacific list By Michaela P. del Callar 03/10/2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RP 4th most corrupt on Asia-Pacific list
Gloria’s graft-ridden gov’t root of widespread poverty—Erap

It is no surprise that the Philippines under President Arroyo is again still in the bottom list of corrupt economies.

The Philippines slid two notches from sixth place last year and has remained on the bottom list of most corrupt Asia-Pacific economies, ranking fourth in an international survey, next to Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

A regional poll of expatriate businessmen released Tuesday by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) showed Indonesia as the most corrupt economy with a score of 9.27, followed by Cambodia (9.10), Vietnam (8.07) and the Philippines (8.06).
On a scale of zero to 10, zero is the best possible score, indicating the lowest level of corruption among politicians and civil servants Singapore (1.42), Australia (2.28), and Hong Kong (2.67) maintained their rankings as the cleanest economies.
They were followed by the United States (3.42), Japan (3.49), Macau (4.96), South Korea (5.98), Taiwan (6.28), Malaysia (6.47), China (6.52), India (7.18), and Thailand (7.60)....MORE

Gloria plus Bangit equals political longevity EDITORIAL 03/10/2010

Gloria plus Bangit equals political longevity

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Has Gloria Arroyo given up her quest for political longevity?
Going by her, and the Commission on Elections (Comelec)’s moves, she has far from given up her quest to remain in power and position.
Gloria could have either extended the stay of outgoing military chief Gen. Victor Ibrado or appointed another Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officer as chief of staff, instead of appointing Gen. Delfin Bangit to the top military post.

It wouldn’t have been the first time she would have come up with an extension of the retiring AFP chief — at least until after the polls and perhaps even have the new president appoint the next chief of staff, given the fact that Ibrado’s retirement comes at election time.

The problem with the Bangit appointment is that he is being linked to the 2004 Gloria-Garcillano electoral fraud. He is also known to be personally loyal to Gloria and Mike Arroyo and is said to be very “free” with money, as evidenced in one Christmas bash he hosted for the soldiers under his command.... MORE

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Take surveys with a grain of salt FRONTLINE Ninez Cacho-Olivares 03/10/2010

Take surveys with a grain of salt

Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Political surveys are hardly credible these days, and are merely being used by several political camps for propaganda purposes, tailor suited for their candidates and their political foes, apart from mind-conditioning purposes?

How else can one explain three nationwide surveys, conducted at about the same time frame, between Feb. 20 and 28, showing different results, with Social Weather Stations (SWS) showing Liberal Party bet Noynoy Aquino getting 36 percent of the survey vote, dropping six percentage points from a January survey high of 42 percent and a 10-point drop from his December ratings?

Compare this with the Pulse Asia survey results that had Aquino again taking the lead, obtaining 36 percent of voter preferences, really remaining static from his January rating, but leading anyway because Nacionalista Party bet Manny Villar, dropped six percentage points, with a 29 percent voter support.... MORE

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The Toyota myth is shattered ZOOMING IN Rudy Romero 03/10/2010

The Toyota myth is shattered

Rudy Romero

With the quickening pace of technological advance and the globalization-induced intensification of international competitiveness during the 20th Century’s second half and the 21st Century’s first decade, the creation of business myths has been attended by much difficulty. As a result, there have been very few myths in the world marketplace.

One of the myths that was created during the last 50 years related to the motor vehicle manufacturer Toyota. That Japanese company’s operations during the last half-century had given rise to a myth of Toyota technical near-perfection. However, events that have taken place in the last few weeks have shattered that myth. In the wake of those events Toyota cars have ceased to be regarded as technically near-perfect.

The first of the myth-shattering events was the series of announcements of recalls of Toyota vehicles in the US and two or three other countries. By the time the last announcement was made a total of almost 8 million Toyota vehicles had been recalled for repair or replacement.... MORE

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