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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Portraying a ‘reluctant’ Cha-cha dancer


Constitutional changes have always been rejected by the general public, mainly on account of suspicions that the changes are to be used for the political benefit of the Malacañang resident.
It stands to reason that if the incumbent President and his Liberal Party mates want Charter change (Cha-cha) to come about, then reverse psychology may just be the answer, meaning Noynoy and the LP may well want Cha-cha, but make it appear that they are against it, to get the public to accept the Cha-cha route, through Congress, on the unconstitutional fourth mode to amend the Charter, with claimed guarantees that only the economic provisions and military defense provisos will be touched.

Think about it: If Noynoy is really against amending the Constitution, as he claims he does not believe that amending the economic provisions will bring about more investments and progress, why then did he agree to have this proposal from the congressional leaders studied by a legal and economic team?

The answer is fairly obvious. If his team says these provisions should be amended, as Cha-cha may well be what Noynoy and his LP pals want, for them to reign forever and ever, he then can claim that even as he does not want amendments, his team says it is good for the country, and he still keeps his “image” of a reluctant Cha-cha dancer, even if he really wants a change. Besides, it is Congress, and not he, that would be coming up with this so-called Bernas fourth mode.

It would be no different from his “reluctant” presidential candidate pose he assumed in 2009, when all along, even during the wake of his mother, Cory, the plan to run for the presidency was already on.

Remember Kris Aquino, during her mother’s wake, tactlessly saying that whatever it takes, she and Noynoy would do it as they have the influence, and she certainly wasn’t referring to the burial rites..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/index.php/commentary/item/2317-portraying-a-‘reluctant’-cha-cha-dancer

‘End killings of activists’ – international group

‘End killings of activists’ – international group


“The rate at which human rights defenders are being killed in the Philippines is shocking.” – CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
MANILA – A global civil society network has joined the local human rights group Karapatan in urging the Aquino administration to end extrajudicial killings.
In a statement, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and Karapatan called on the government to carry out fair and independent investigations into all cases of extrajudicial killings and disappearances.
Since President Benigno Aquino III assumed office, Karapatan documented 99 victims of extrajudicial killings and 11 cases of enforced disappearances. Majority of the victims are farmers, indigenous peoples and activists advocating for land rights and environmental protection. The group also reported that at least 385 political prisoners continue to languish in prisons as “a result of exercising the key civil society freedoms – freedom of expression, association and assembly.”
“The rate at which human rights defenders are being killed in the Philippines is shocking,” says Mandeep Tiwana, policy and advocacy Manager at CIVICUS. “If the government is serious about its stated commitment to end rights violations, then it must withdraw the state of impunity that exists for military officials and members of government sponsored militias.”
The group said that even as Aquino has promised to resolve cases of extrajudicial executions and other violations of human rights, “genuine reform to ensure the protection of civil society members continues to be lacking.” They noted that the Aquino administration continues to implement Executive Order 546, which allows the use of paramilitary forces and private militias for its counterinsurgency program Oplan Bayanihan..... MORE


URL: http://bulatlat.com/main/2012/08/01/end-killings-of-activists-–-international-group/

China slams new US - Iran sanctions as 'serious violation of intl rules'

China slams new US - Iran sanctions as 'serious violation of intl rules'

Fresh US sanctions against Iran, targeting not only the country’s oil industry but also foreign banks have sparked a furore. China warned Washington of a worsening in Sino-American relations, while Iran said the penalties amounted to “military war.”
The new set of sanctions is aimed at forcing Iran to end its supposed development of nuclear arms. The financial penalties will target the Chinese Kunlun bank and the Iraqi Elaf Islamic bank as they have participated in million dollar transactions with Iranian banks and are as such subject to sanctions. 
These banks will be cut off from the US economy in an effort to discourage them from doing business with Iran..... MORE


URL: http://www.rt.com/news/iran-fresh-sanctions-obama-552/

Marriage of blacks prohibited in church in the southern U.S.

Marriage of blacks prohibited in church in the southern U.S.


Pravda photo

A Baptist church in Mississippi, United States, officially denied the marriage of a couple because they were African Americans.  This most recent event denotes the persistent racism in the northern nation.

Charles and Andrea Wilson thought about getting married at the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs (south), but the main priest forbade the ceremony on the grounds that the mostly-white congregation would object.

Because we are black, some  of the faithful have protested already that we cannot marry in the church where we thought we were wanted as dear brothers in the faith, commented Charles Wilson on CNN.... MORE


URL: http://english.pravda.ru/society/stories/01-08-2012/121799-us_church_racism-0/

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