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Shocking EDITORIAL 02/06/2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011


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Most shocking thus far is the call of Noynoy and his Palace boys for the junior officers to rat on their superiors.

Shocking it is because of the consequences of such a call, given the hierarchical military system and the chain of command and the instilling of discipline in the soldiery.

The call may sound great, as junior officers have now received the signal from their Commander in Chief to squeal on their bosses, should they know that their superiors are in on corruption. But there is also the flip side, as the new “order” in the military supplanting the “old” order, could also create a lot of other problems within the military structure, such as inventing charges against several bosses, for the junior officers to be promoted faster and faster too, in taking on the top posts.

But as usual, the communicators of Noynoy and his student council government defended the call of Noynoy, through his executive secretary, for the junior officers to fink on their superiors, saying this won’t undermine the chain of command..... MORE

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Philex Mining on UN blacklist BLURBAL THRUSTS Louie Logarta 02/06/2011

Philex Mining on UN blacklist

Louie Logarta
Camarines Sur Gov. LRay Villafuerte, one of the most dynamic local government officials to have cropped up in recent years, may have actually latched on to a good thing with the “green initiative” that he is pushing whose ultimate objective is to improve and protect the environment and more importantly increase food production.

The most significant feature of Villafuerte’s novel undertaking is the proposed planting of 12 million trees in CamSur (that’s how it has been re-christened under Villafuerte), which is the biggest of the six provinces in the Bicol region with a land area of 526,000 hectares, by the year 2012 in order to assure future generations of a clean and decent life-sustaining place where they can live.

“The El Verde Movement combines biodiversity conservation, economic development and a climate adaptation strategy to help reverse the rate of deforestation in CamSur,” Villafuerte says in a pamphlet being circulated by hornblowers positing the facets of the initiative which if handled properly might just transform the province into the “green capital” of the Philippines.

Incidentally, this green initiative being propagated by Governor Villafuerte, son of Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte Sr. who was once one of the staunchest allies of President Arroyo in the House of Representatives, isn’t an original..... MORE

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System failure TABLETS OF STONE Larry Faraon, OP 02/06/2011

System failure

Larry Faraon, OP
\"And I admit I am part of the system, although I tried very hard to fight it. I am not perfect and the system is rotten but I come with clean hands,” to quote star witness and whistle-blower former Commission on Audit (CoA) auditor Heidi Mendoza in her tear jerking and drenching testimony in the Senate the other day. As to what “system” is Ms. Mendoza referring to, is no longer guess work since the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the CoA are crystals in black carpet.

But the system is a network, a web of inter-agencies weaving dynamically and pathetically in a rather complicated swirl, familiar only to the crafty and creative evil minds of the malicious, whose greed is beyond moderation. In this ongoing and endless exposé of a grand scheme to steal public funds to embalm the corrupted carcasses of the avaricious, other systems in the network should not be spared.

And even if Ms. Mendoza, after all those declamatory and defamatory statements, is now being cowed by some of her bonding buddies in CoA, whose reputation as an independent constitutional body is at stake, the Senate or other investigating and prosecuting agencies should take the cudgels in enlisting even the banking system of Land Bank for instance and other soiled hands in the paper or money trail. Or further perhaps into the halls of Malacañang itself, since all these corrupt activities happened under the watch of that chronic regime of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo. Already in the media offing are clamors to get Mrs. Arroyo involved in all these since she put in more air in the balloon of the military spoiled brats which now is bursting one by one..... MORE

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Universal destination of goods VIEWPOINTS Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz 02/06/2011

Universal destination of goods

Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz
Whereas absolutely no human person ever brought to existence anything found in any place of this big wide world; whereas categorically no human agent existence and/or life to any being found anywhere in the globe as a whole, and; whereas the moment any member of humanity is born in the sphere of realities, he or she finds earthly goods and temporal resources already existent all over the land.

This standing truth and objective reality require neither profound study nor complex research to come up with the following basic conclusions: There are no individuals or families that may legitimately own everything. For that matter, there are neither families nor individuals who may be rightfully denied all earthly goods and/or temporal resources they legitimately require to live decently according to their human dignity.

No. this is not exactly an argument against communism where everybody is said to own everything, and therefore actually owns nothing. This is neither an objection to the right of private ownership which individuals and corporate persons have and exercise in accordance with law..... MORE

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Cultural shift seen behind Italian women’s thinning FEATURE 02/06/2011

Cultural shift seen behind Italian women’s thinning


ROME — Gone are the “Big Mamma” stereotypes and the full figures of yesteryear — a new study on Friday has found Italian women are the only ones getting thinner despite an obesity epidemic in the Western world.

And experts told AFP it’s all thanks to major cultural changes in Italy, a healthy Mediterranean diet and simply paying more attention to waistlines.

The ideal of beauty is “very different from the post-war period if you look at photos of actresses from the 1950s” like Sofia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida, said Maria Rosaria D’Isanto, a nutritional expert in Treviso in northern Italy.

A global study published in British medical journal The Lancet backs her up, finding that the Body Mass Index (BMI) for Italian women has fallen from 25.2 in 1980 to 24.9 in 1990 and 24.8 in 2008, bucking the trend seen elsewhere.

In Britain, the average BMI for women has risen from 24.2 in 1980, to 25.2 in 1990, 26.2 in 2000 and 26.9 in 2008. For US women the increase in BMI has been even more stark — from 25.0 in 1980 to 28.3 in 2008..... MORE

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Lenin’s body still divides Russia FEATURE 02/06/2011

Lenin’s body still divides Russia


MOSCOW—Nearly a century after his death, communist leader Vladimir Lenin still rests in a glass display case on Red Square, his embalmed body a stark counterpoint to Russia’s latest modernisation effort.

The controversial idea of burying Lenin has been a permanent feature of Russian politics since the Soviet Union’s fall in 1991, when millions happily parted ways with a system that had outlived its times.

But so far, no one has dared take the ultimate step of so dramatically breaking links with a leader who introduced Russia to both the promises of communism and the horrors of Gulag death camps.

While Russia tries to present a modern new image under its iPad-toting President Dmitry Medvedev, tens of thousands of people still come every year to see the communist founder, his finely-coiffed body reclining in a sarcophagus..... MORE

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20 die, three others missing in Mindanao floods, landslides By Gina Peralta-Elorde 02/06/2011

20 die, three others missing in Mindanao floods, landslides

By Gina Peralta-Elorde 02/06/2011

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) latest reports said that some 20 persons died while three others were remained missing due to flash floods and landslides brought about by heavy rains in Mindanao.

Five persons were reported buried alive in a landslide in Surigao del Sur.

The fatalities from the landslide in Surigao del Sur were identified as Nenita Corpuz, 57 and Julie Culapu, 47, both from Cantilan; Isagani Borja, 25, of Marihatag and Aladin Corporal of Madrid.

In Caraga Region, Teresita Acion, 62, who was reported missing due to landslide, was recovered by the search and rescue teams.

The missing were Amado Basadre and two fishermen on board a motorized pump boat. Reports said the fishermen encountered huge waves while on their way to Bohol from Maasin City, Southern Leyte..... MORE

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AFP urges whistle-blower to tell all in DND probe By Charlie V. Manalo 02/06/2011

AFP urges whistle-blower to tell all in DND probe

By Charlie V. Manalo 02/06/2011

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) urged yesterday whistle-blower retired Army Col. George Rabusa to show up before the Department of National Defense (DND) probe into the alleged misuse of military funds, saying the former AFP budget officer has nothing to worry about if he is really telling the truth.

At the weekly Kapihan sa Sulo, AFP spokesman Gen. Jose Mabanta said Rabusa should not fear for his security because majority in the military organization is for truth and transparency.

“If he believes in what he is saying, the more that he should come out and say his piece and say it on front of the investigating committee of the Armed Forces and the DND,” Mabanta said.

“More than any other member of the society, it is us who really want to find out what has happened because we are the aggrieved, the offender and the affected party here. Please don’t think that we are trying to hide something,” he added..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

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Defiant Mubarak stays put amid mounting calls to quit 02/06/2011

Defiant Mubarak stays put amid mounting calls to quit

CAIRO — Egypt’s defiant strongman Hosni Mubarak showed no sign of quitting yesterday, the 12th straight day of Cairo protests demanding he end his 30-year grip on power, as international calls grew for him to go.

State news agency MENA said the embattled leader held talks with members of his newly appointed Cabinet but gave no further details.

The aging leader has shown no intention of stepping down immediately, despite huge demonstrations on the Muslim day of prayer Friday on Cairo’s Tahrir Square — the epicenter of the protests — and in Alexandria.

Early on Saturday, gunfire crackled on the square where thousands spent a chilly night encircled by tanks.

Protesters sat on the ground around some of the tanks to prevent the troops pulling out and leaving the square vulnerable to the feared interior ministry riot police or militants loyal to Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party..... MORE
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MILF rebels admit split ahead of peace talks 02/06/2011

MILF rebels admit split ahead of peace talks

The secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) yesterday said it has a potentially serious rebellion in its ranks after a key leader broke away ahead of peace talks with the government.

Ameril Umbra Kato quit the Muslim group seven months ago, taking with him at least a thousand fighters, top MILF leaders told a news conference.

It poses a potentially major threat to formal peace talks that start in Malaysia on Wednesday, conceded Murad Ebrahim, chairman of the 12,000-member movement that has been waging a deadly rebellion since 1978.

“We are talking with them and urging them to toe the line on the MILF position,” Murad said..... MORE

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Lacson captors face criminal raps By Benjamin B. Pulta 02/06/2011


Lacson captors face criminal raps

By Benjamin B. Pulta 02/06/2011

Fugitive Sen. Panfilo Lacson boldly turned the tables against his government pursuers as his lawyer threatened to file criminal charges against those who would serve the “stale” warrant of arrest against the lawmaker following a ruling by the Court of Appeals (CA) to dismiss the murder charges against him in connection with the 2000 murder of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.

Lacson’s counsel Alex Poblador, citing court rules, said the appellate court’s decision last week clearing Lacson logically nullified the arrest warrant in connection with those charges, contrary to claims made by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

De Lima claims her agency is yet to receive a formal copy of the CA Special Sixth Division’s decision and that technically the arrest warrant issued by a trial court against Lacson stands.

Malacañang, however, said the DoJ would readily comply should the court that handles Lacson’s case formally lift the arrest warrant it has served against him. Lacson is a known close ally of President Aquino..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

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Palace not giving up on Truth Commission By Aytch S. de la Cruz 02/06/2011

Palace not giving up on Truth Commission

By Aytch S. de la Cruz 02/06/2011

The Palace will not let go of President Aquino’s desire to form the Truth Commission, saying that it will pursue with the Supreme Court efforts to justify Executive Order 1 that created the truth body and which the tribunal had ruled as unconstitutional because of the equal protection clause in the Charter.

Presidential Communications Secretary Ramon Carandang welcomed but expressed no commitment yet on behalf of Malacañang when asked to comment on Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s suggestion that instead of fighting for the Truth Commission, Aquino might just as well come up with an anti-graft council to look into the current and previous allegations of corruption in the government.

Before Aquino assumed the presidency, there was already an existing Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC) attached to the Office of the President but Aquino through Executive Order 13 abolished the agency in late November last year and transferred all its investigative functions to the Office of the Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs (Odesla).

Cayetano had said that a new anti-graft and corruption council could help Aquino start investigations on several scandals that rocked the previous administration..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

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