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Friday, July 6, 2012

President Aquino again blew cold yesterday after issuing a warning the other day on China over a territorial dispute on South China Sea as he denied reports he had asked the United States for spy planes to monitor a territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea.

Aquino told reporters his country had its own ships and aircraft to keep an eye on the disputed Scarborough Shoal and that he had merely mentioned in an interview that US aircraft could be called upon for help if needed.

It was clear, however, in reporters’ notes of the interview that  it was Aquino who raised the possibility of seeking the use of US spy planes to monitor the disputed areas.

“If you will go through the transcript of the interview, I said ‘We might’ (ask for US help),” Aquino claimed.
“That is where (the interviewers) suddenly introduced the supposed request for overflights, which wasn’t what I stated,” he averred.

Aides said Aquino had made the remarks during an interview with a foreign news agency last Monday.
Subsequent reports of the president’s alleged requests for US spy planes raised concerns within China, with the country warning the Philippines against provocation over the three-month stand-off between the two countries.

“Let us correct that. America is a treaty ally. Where we are lacking in capacity, I think we can go to them and ask that they increase (our) situational awareness,” Aquino said..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribune.net.ph/index.php/headlines/item/1159-aquino-backtracks-claims-no-request-for-spy-planes


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