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Decide now on lifting of expiry dates of cellphone load, NTC told

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Decide now on lifting of expiry dates of cellphone load, NTC told

 Written by Angie M. Rosales Thursday, 19 July 2012

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is being made to explain to the Senate public services committee why it is taking it too long to decide on the lifting of the expiry dates of prepaid load for mobile phones

“The NTC said it would take them no less than two months to decide. That’s too long. This is why I am writing the NTC as chairman of the committee on public services to ask them to submit their studies on the matter, and to expedite the process,” Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. announced yesterday.

Reports said the NTC is mulling the removal of expiry dates and load validity period on prepaid cards. But the agency is still studying the possible effects among telecommunication companies.

“Why does (prepaid) load (card) which represents the consumers’ money has to have an expiration date? These are hard-earned money and most subscribers try as much as they can not to put to waste their cellphone load so it’s unfair if this will be forfeited simply because it has expired. That to me, I think, is unacceptable,” he said.

“Pwede nating maintindihan kung para sa mga fixed-period promo yan, tulad ng call and text all you can, o kaya browse and surf all you can for one day, pero sa mga regular load, hindi dapat,” he added.
Revilla expressed support to the measure and urged the NTC to implement it as soon as possible...... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

 URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/index.php/metro-section/item/1719-decide-now-on-lifting-of-expiry-dates-of-cellphone-load-ntc-told


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