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Valte is a flibbertigibbet! CROSSROADS Jonathan De la Cruz 06/11/2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Valte is a flibbertigibbet!

Jonathan De la Cruz
An old respected teacher of mine who read my column “Syndicated hypocrisy” last Monday, June 4, wrote me a note advising that indeed it is the height of hypocrisy for administration officials, especially those within P-Noy’s inner circle to suddenly develop amnesia and start issuing out all kinds of excuses to shield them from the growing clamor for proper and responsible ‘”transparency and accountability” in public service. No less than P-Noy himself has been asked to abide by his campaign pledge to disclose his assets and issue an unconditional waiver for the Ombudsman and related agencies to look into his bank accounts.

“This volte face, “my teacher insisted, “is not only in complete disregard of P-Noy’s daang matuwid platform but a shameful demonstration of the administration’s tendency to flip flop on matters of critical concerns. It is disheartening and certainly does not augur well for the “new beginnings” which P-Noy and his crew have been trumpeting since day one of this administration.

A gentleman of the old school who has spent most of his years in the academe is especially critical of P-Noy’s spokesmen who have been issuing all kinds of excuses and half baked statements not only about this latest turn around but on such subjects as the imminent increase in power rates as well as the “sin tax” bill..... MORE
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