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‘Jasmin’ living example of the need to amend anti-rape law — Gabriela

Monday, June 11, 2012

‘Jasmin’ living example of the need to amend anti-rape law — Gabriela

“…it is our role as legislators to make sure that when victims turn to our legal system for redress, justice can and will be served in the fastest, least traumatic and least humiliating manner possible.” – Rep. Luz Ilagan, Gabriela Women’s Party

MANILA – As ”Jasmin” and her mother pursue justice here in Manila, Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) said the accused, Pantabangan Vice Mayor Romeo Borja Jr., is using all means at his disposal to discredit the victim.

“The violence committed against Jasmin (not her real name) clearly shows why amendments on the present anit-rape law should be pushed,” Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus said in a protest action in front of the Department of Justice on June 5, 2012.

Jasmin accused Borja of repeatedly raping her for six times since June 2011 when she was only 17 years old. She added that the official threatened to kill her and her family if she refused to give in to him. The victim is about to give birth to Borja’s child sometime this week or next week.

In a statement, Gabriela said Borja “had gone on a media spree and circulated text and audio communications between him and Jasmin allegedly proving that they had a consensual relationship. He also organized a rally in Pantabangan on May 9, 2012 to explain his side.”

De Jesus said Gabriela Women’s Party filed House Bill 6170 seeking to amend the Anti-Rape Law of 1997. “The amendments that GWP pushed included the redefinition of the term rape, the enumeration of circumstances where there is a presumption of lack of consent, the inclusion of cases where there is non-penile penetration, the repealing of Articles 266-C and 266-D and the specification of aggravating circumstances,” the lawmaker said.

“The moves of the Vice Mayor show how he can use his power to defend himself and to discredit Jasmin,” Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan said, “This is a tactic used to warn his other victims to continue their silence because he is capable of discrediting them with the means at his disposal. There are many victims who are forced to submit to the perpetrator who is a person of authority.”.... MORE


URL: http://bulatlat.com/main/2012/06/09/%E2%80%98jasmin%E2%80%99-living-example-of-the-need-to-amend-anti-rape-law-gabriela/


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