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Philippines tops list of world’s most disaster-hit countries in 2011

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Philippines tops list of world’s most disaster-hit countries in 2011

MANILA — Topping this list is not an achievement for any country.

The Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) has recently released its 2011 Disaster Report saying that the Philippines topped the list of countries most frequently hit by natural disasters last year. Citing the records of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), Carlos Padolina, CDRC deputy executive director, said that of the 302 natural disasters that happened worldwide, 33 occurred in the Philippines.

CDRC is a non-government organization that pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. It operates nationwide through a network of regional centers and people’s organizations. It maintains its own disasters database, monitoring both natural and human-induced disasters.

Based on the report, a total of 431 natural and human-induced disasters were reported in the Philippines in the past year. These killed 1,774 people, and affected more than three million families or 15.3 million people, and caused over P26 billion in economic damages.

“This is a more than 50 percent increase from the 2010 figure of 202 disaster events recorded,” said Padolina.

Increasing number of people affected by disasters
The CDRC’s 2011 Philippine Disaster Report presents information on disasters that occurred in the Philippines in the past year, providing an overview of the type of disasters that occurred, the frequency of occurrence, as well as the effects of these disasters on communities. Where available, direct economic costs to agriculture and infrastructure were also included. A substantial portion of the data.... MORE


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