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Testing P-Noy’s mettle TABLETS OF STONE Larry Faraon, OP 04/29/2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Testing P-Noy’s mettle

Larry Faraon, OP
Authority is supposed to create fear, or in Christian ethical parlance, “reverential fear.” It is a kind of fear that would make us tremble at the sight of the authority’s iron hand and heart of steel, but would bow our heads in due respect and obedience.

But of course, indeed, there is already an atmosphere of fear in the form of doubt and insecurity creeping into the sensibilities and perceptions of our people. This worrisome insecurity is even leading to doubts as to the present administration’s capability to put this country under its nose and grip.

Nobody can’t help chill in the fact that “even when the cat is around, the mouse will play.”
Primetime news and broadsheets are now competing with tabloids in reporting of all sorts of heinous crimes viewable from CCTVs mostly daring heists and senseless murders in malls, homes and the streets, just like in the movies. And the perpetrators are getting younger by the day! We are still top in the list of countries unfriendly and hazardous to the journalistic profession, the latest of which was an attempt to strafe the house of columnist Professor Randy David. Despite the automatic denials of the police authorities as they lace their reports with facts of dwindling crime rates in select areas, the public perception says the contrary. President Joseph Estrada was head of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission (PACC) when he was vice president to Fidel Ramos and continued to fight off criminality when it was his turn at the helm..... MORE

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