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‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’

Thursday, January 5, 2012

 ‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’

Damascus is criticizing the US for sending an envoy to Cairo's Arab League discussions about ending the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissent. London-based political analyst Chris Bambery says the US is preparing for a military intervention in Syria.

­According to Barbery, sanctions against Syria are only the beginning of Western intervention. "The key ally in this enterprise, Turkey, has been involved with the Free Syrian Army – training them, and we know there are also American advisers in those camps in Turkey," he says. And, "when you combine all that – sanctions, diplomatic moves, the involvement with the Free Syrian Army, it begins to create a dynamic that though perhaps the Americans don’t want involvement in the military operation in Syria, they can pull it in that direction.”.... MORE


URL: http://rt.com/news/military-syria-arab-america-223/

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

gee, thousands of souls, syrian souls, will soon be forced to violently depart this plane, no thanks to the evl imperialist bald eagle. :) at yung mga zzzzzzombie sa tabi.tabi hindi pa rin makita o ayaw tingnan ang khypan, ay, kadmnyhan pala ng kanilang among estados unidos.

"Syria’s Foreign Ministry says the US is getting involved in affairs that are none of its business. And now, Damascus has pulled heavy weapons and tanks from cities after pressure from the Arab League, which says that security forces continue to kill civilian protestors regardless.

"“The United States is one of the parties seeking to rekindle violence by its mobilization and incitement,” said a representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry."

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