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CNN censors vet that supports Ron Paul (w/ Video)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

CNN censors vet that supports Ron Paul

The establishment’s war against Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has been evident since the Texas congressman began surging in the polls, but the previously privy attack on the candidate was made public to millions Wednesday night.

During a live interview Wednesday night from an Iowa caucus location, CNN briefly spoke to an US military veteran and adamant supporter of Rep. Ron Paul until the soldier began praising Paul for the non-interventionist ideals that separate the congressman from the mainstream candidates endorsed by the establishment..... MORE


URL: http://rt.com/usa/news/cnn-ron-paul-thorsen-207/


Jesusa Bernardo said...

nagtaka pa ba sa gawi ng cnn? i.polygraph test ninyo ang mga may.ari at editorial staff nito tungkol sa alam nila sa 9/11 at malamang sa hindi ay lalabas na alam nila in advance ang "terrorist attacks" at ang tunay na salarin ay ang mismong pamahalaan nila.

"CNN’s latest attempt at censoring Rep. Ron Paul’s message from the masses comes days after the network broadcast an edited interview of the candidate in which he is portrayed as agitated and irritated by a CNN host grilling him over controversial newsletters penned under the congressman’s name from the 1990s. After the broadcast, an unedited version of the interview circulated to the Web and showed that the station had largely doctored the original piece.

"Despite the continuing smear, Paul still managed a top-tier victor on Wednesday night, earning 21.4 percent of the vote in Iowa behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum."

Anonymous said...

CNN stooped down to the level of Fox News.

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