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Chinese Navy ready for war

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chinese Navy ready for war

China's neighbors are concerned about media reports citing the Chinese leader Hu Jintao, who allegedly ordered the PLA Navy's command to "prepare for a war." According to him, in the coming years the Navy should "complete its modernization, gather all the forces to prepare for a war and strengthen national security." This was said at a meeting of the top military and political leadership of the country on December 6.

For China famous for its wise and prudent policy this is, mildly put, rather strange. However, as pointed out by foreign experts, the statement of the leader of China was reprinted by many Chinese newspapers. However, there is a possibility that journalists made a mistake in the translation. British analysts say that the statement of the Chinese leader can be translated from Chinese both as "armed struggle" or "military conflict", but the essence does not change much.

It is significant that in recent years militaristic ambitions of China increasingly surprised not only its neighbors with most of whom it has unresolved territorial disputes, but the United States as well..... MORE


URL: http://english.pravda.ru/world/asia/09-12-2011/119902-chinese_navy-0/


Jesusa Bernardo said...

mainam yan para magka balance of power at medyo mapigilan ang dmnyong kalbong agila/nato.

"Now the Chinese are actively working towards creating a new sea-based ballistic missile with a range of eight thousand kilometers, which would dramatically reduce the chances of Americans for a favorable outcome in a possible collision.

"Third, the Chinese are preparing to dramatically increase the number of other warships, including destroyers and frigates. All these are not empty promises, and every year it will be increasingly more difficult for the Americans to contain China."

Jesusa Bernardo said...

sino bang "force out of libya"? china didn't veto that sinister u.s. resolution to invade libya via puppet rebels.

"Yet, this is not enough, considering the growth of its economy. In this regard it is developing its Navy, which will enable China to defend vitally important interests in different parts of the globe. If today it had to "swallow" the fact that it was virtually forced out of Libya, tomorrow, gaining the necessary power, it will stand up for its rights and will have to be reckoned with.""

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