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Unprepared, as usual EDITORIAL 09/29/2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unprepared, as usual

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Despite being a typhoon-prone country, with at least 20 typhoon visits annually, government authorities have proven to still be unprepared for typhoon disasters. And even with a change of leadership in the weather bureau that had been given more weather forecasting equipment, we are still unprepared for the big ones, especially on typhoons hitting Metro Manila.

By the time the weather bureau and Malacañang sounded the alarm, Metro Manila streets were already flooded, and too many schoolchildren as well as office workers had already made their way to their schools and offices, leaving them wet and stranded, with nowhere to seek shelter from the howling winds and heavy rains.

Why could not the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the traffic policemen, for instance have stationed themselves near the flooded areas to at least stop drivers and their vehicles from continuing with their driving into the streets that already had the waters rising? That way, if they were turned away and closed the streets early enough, such as the Pasay-Manila stretch of Roxas Boulevard, all the way to Bonifacio Avenue, less vehicles would not have been stranded right smack into the impassable flooded areas..... MORE

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

eh ano pang aasahan ninyo sa isang abs na "pangulo." itong mga estups na dilaw supporters na ito, ayaw pa daw kay fpj ay isang utak at mukhang abs lang pala ang iluluklok.

"But if presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda’s claim is true, then it stands to reason that Pagasa, even at that point, didn’t even know that the floodwaters had risen and that some Metro Manila roads were impassable.

"Chances are, however, that with the penchant of Malacañang officials to always lay the blame on other agencies, they were not even listening to radio reports and failed to act quickly."

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