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The Philippines: The real origin of species? By Deni Rose M. Afinidad, Staff Writer 09/29/2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Philippines: The real origin of species?

By Deni Rose M. Afinidad, Staff Writer 09/29/2011
The reports are staggering: P35 million worth of black corals, 163 endangered hawksbill and green turtles, and other marine life were seized by the customs at the port of Manila early this year. The black corals, reports say, include 21,169 species or the equivalent of 190 square kilometers of coral reef — about five times the size of Manila.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the remorseless hunt for wildlife species for home displays and exotic décor has been threatening the country’s tourism, employment, pharmaceutical research and food security.
But the Philippines is not the only one that should be alarmed, said marine biologist Kent Carpenter during a recently held symposium titled “Scientific Discovery and Conservation in the Philippines.”

Preserving the Philippines, Carpenter noted, should be a global priority because the country, according to his years of research verified by many scientists from different fields, has been found out to be “the center of the center of marine life in the universe,” the place with the most number of marine species per unit area, or the “bull’s eye” or concentration of species in the Coral Triangle..... MORE

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

Ang ating bayan daw ang “CENTER OF THE CENTER OF MARINE LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE.” kung kaya't lalo nating dapat huwag abusuhin ang ating kalikasan. kung walang makuhang ibang paraan upang mabuhay ay kalampagin ang dilaw at ilehitimong pamahalaan, hindi ang ubusin ang bigay ni inang kalikasan.

"The Coral Triangle, said a National Geographic documentary Carpenter showed during the symposium, is a 5.4 million square-kilometer stretch of ocean encompassing six countries, including the Philippines. It is less than one percent of the world’s total surface area, and yet it contains 75 percent of the Earth’s coral species and coral reefs."

Jesusa Bernardo said...

mukhang ang pinas ang biological o tunay na "hardin ng eden"?

"Finally, he theorizes that the country is a center of origin — the Philippines might be where species originate and are evolving.

“There is a genetic signature that species are congregating in the Philippines because it is probably their origin or coherent with their genetic makeup,” he remarked.

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