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Non-sequiturs from Noynoy EDITORIAL 06/26/2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Non-sequiturs from Noynoy

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Miffed at former President Gloria Arroyo’s blast of Noynoy’s “nobody home” presidency, along with her stating that Noynoy has not built on the economic gains made, Malacañang quickly put its dukes up and said it was ready for a fight with Gloria.

But Noynoy’s deputy mouthpiece, Abigail Valte, charged that Gloria’s blurbs against her patron, Noynoy, are “unsurprising” and full of generalizations, and that they in the Palace give specific answers.

Yet in was clear that even as Valte was slamming Gloria, she failed to answer directly what which was being charged, such as the 10-year economic growth toward sustainability that certainly has decelerated under Noynoy’s presidency.

For all that Gloria is, and is not, what cannot be denied and official data can attest to that, is that it was under her presidency that there was uninterrupted growth and that the first quarter growth this year under Noynoy, has slowed, with the economy expected to slow down some more..... MORE

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

When in a deep bind, like this country, people normaly loose their sense of humor.

It was hardly an audition for "The last comic standing", it did however gives the rest what it maybe like if you are say.. Secretary of Solutions Roxas.

A cabinet secretary who looks at the president for solutions ought to be given 10 seconds to think of one.

And why can't a cabinet secretary brief their boss of a situation and provide solutions, so the president and the cabinet secretary with huge perks are in the same page.

Can't think? Too lazy? What? Send them back to where they graduated and ask for a refund.

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