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Aspersion VIEWPOINTS Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz 06/26/2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz
After saying something about the lamentable and distressing syndrome called “Asperger’s Disorder,” what comes to mind in the context of words and sounds is the term “Aspersion.”
In its more common understanding, aspersion is a reproach, a censure, a depreciation.

Aspersion is in a way understandable when the object of contempt is vile, obnoxious and revolting. But when something is virtuous, noble and lofty, its aspersion is not only a big shame but also a downright abomination.

And the Malacañang occupant plus his loyal cohorts and obedient allies are now avidly engaging in “kadiri to death” aspersion on the endearing presence of children, on the profound blessing of family and the big wonder of human sexuality, Malacañang plus buddies in the legislature and comrades among the NGOs, are bent on pushing and selling the following hideous agenda: Hate children (Reproductive Health bill). Destroy families (Divorce bill). Debase sex (Same Sex Marriage bill).

Poor Philippines. Pitiful Filipinos. It is not enough that the country is going nowhere in commerce and industry. It is neither enough that the Filipinos are wallowing more and more in poverty and misery. Nor it is enough that the national leadership talks but does little. Thus it is that: Development is but a pie in the sky. Better living conditions are simply a big drawing. Justice and peace are merely dreams and more dreams..... MORE

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