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Profiting from fear AN OUTSIDERS VIEW Ken Fuller 01/25/2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Profiting from fear

Ken Fuller
In cyberspace, there’s a document by one Porter Stansberry that in the course of over 12,000 words claims that, due to its crushing mountain of debt, the USA is about to implode, with soaring inflation, unemployment, riots and martial law. So what is this document? Essay? Scientific paper? No. It is, quite simply, an advertisement.

Although of US origin – where according to one source it was e-mailed to one million addresses last December – it is now doing the rounds in the Philippines. Recipients should be extremely wary of its arguments and claims.

Its author founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in 1999. This, he claims, “has become one of the largest and most recognized investment research companies in the world, serving hundreds of thousands of subscribers in more than 120 countries.” This is a claim that might bear careful examination, but this task is beyond me.

In making one of his claims (that even if Americans were taxed at the rate of 100 percent it would be insufficient to balance the federal budget) Stansberry cites the National Inflation Association. According to Mary Rice of Moneyblog, the NIA “is a group that encourages fears and worry about possible inflation in order to sell gold and silver.” Rice tells us that Fox’s Glenn Beck has also been known to cite NIA figures, and that he’s a promoter of a gold and silver dealer listed on the NIA Web site. Stansberry, as we will see, also promotes gold and silver.... MORE

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