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SC should take pause C.R.O.S.S.R.O.A.D.S Jonathan De la Cruz 11/10/2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SC should take pause

Jonathan De la Cruz
Nobody should be surprised that the House of Representatives approved P-Noy’s first budgetary proposal en toto given the ruling coalition’s super majority in the chamber. Of course, we had half expected that some revisions would be forthcoming given the ferocity of the debates, especially on the controversial conditional cash transfer (CCT) program. There was also the question of the billions in lump sum appropriations which was already in direct violation of P-Noy’s pledge to end the practice and inaugurate a zero based, line item budgeting for ease of implementation and transparency. How the administration planned to finance the P1.6 plus trillion budget given the fact that early on P-Noy announed there would be no new taxes to be imposed was also brought to fore. Then, part of the debate focused on the seeming budgetary bias in favor of certain agencies especially those headed by Liberal Party stalwarts and the lingering problems of funding those basic services such as education, health and infrastructure which have been the bane of almost every administration. The debates were impressive while it lasted for in the end the majority coalition managed to wangle enough carrots and muddle the issues, if we believe the critics, to pass this budget in the manner Malacañang wanted it passed. Oh, well. What matters now is whether the executive has the political will and the capability to execute this budget as planned, given the many obstacles coming its way foremost being the diminishing funding sources, the thinning public patience in the wake of the lingering global economic crisis and the emnity triggered by the never ending battles centered on the so-called sins of the past. We await with bated breath how 2011 will unfold..... MORE

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