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De Lima links APO to 2 more grenade blasts in schools By Benjamin B. Pulta 11/10/2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

De Lima links APO to 2 more grenade blasts in schools

By Benjamin B. Pulta 11/10/2010

Two other members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity are having second thoughts about cooperating with the government investigation into last September’s Bar exam blast, prompting Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to threaten them with charges that would be promptly filed against the two APO suspects without the benefit of hearing their side.

She called on the two alleged suspected Bar examinations bombers to come forward and appear before the National Bureau of Investihgation (NBI), then threatened them, saying that she knows who they are and where they work and would have cases filed against them, if they don’t show up.

“We have the names. I want to give them an ultimatum. We know who they are…We know where they are working. We are challenging them to surface, otherwise the NBI will be constrained to file charges,” she said.
“This is also an opportunity for them if they are really not the right guys. After several days, the NBI will file a case against them,” she added.

The experience of the first APO suspect, Anthony Nepomuceno, a call center worker, showed that even after surfacing and having himself interrogated by the NBI, cases were filed against him anyway, despite his claim of having an alibi, which he said proved that he was nowhere near the Bar exams blast site..... MORE

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