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Barangay elections SHE SAYS Dinah S. Ventura 10/25/2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Barangay elections

Dinah S. Ventura
Barangays are busy today, with the elections of barangay officials and the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) finally upon us after much anticipation...er, among those running for positions, that is.

For the most part, ordinary folks have barely lifted their heads from their daily grind to blearily peer at those uber-enthusiastic individuals eager to shake their hands. These smiling faces have lately inflicted their cheer onto citizens who happen by. Some had wondered why posters suddenly defaced their landscape anew, or why their Sunday mornings were disrupted with the aural onslaught of election jingles turned full-blast...for hours!

And just when you thought you could no longer stand the noise pollution (or maybe you have started to hum the useless lyrics while walking to the bathroom to express just what you think of them), it stops. Blessed quiet...and that’s usually what happens too after these folks have been elected, smiling cheerfully into their barangay offices, never to be heard from again...

That’s not to say all barangay officials — and the SK teams, too, for that matter — are there in name only. Some of them do work hard to serve their constituents. In some cases, however, they aren’t much help to communities. In one Quezon City barangay, for example, a series of house break-ins had been bothering a local neighborhood. This area used to be so safe even though it was not a gated community, but in recent years, robberies had disturbed the residents so much that some of them consulted with each other to raise money to build some kind of common protection for their community..... MORE

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