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Noy’s factions’ turf war seen in bungled hostage crisis 09/02/2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Noy’s factions’ turf war seen in bungled hostage crisis
With so many uncoordinated moves from several communications secretaries of President Aquino during the Aug. 23 bungled hostage rescue operations, this is today seen as a probable cause for the mixed signals that emanated from Malacañang during the hostage crisis, from the explanations offered by them in the matter of the call of Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang, to the continued excuses being offered by them in defense of their, and their President’s lack of leadership.

That factions exist in the Palace was denied yesterday by presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, even when it is fairly evident that there are at least two warring factions in the Palace: The Roxas group, branded by the media as the “Balay Puti” group, and the Samar Group, identified with the Aquino relatives and the Cory yellows.
Lacierda denied that there is infighting between at least two groups in Malacañang and claimed too that the allegations that it was the infighting that contributed to the botched rescue of Hong Kong tourists was false.

Lacierda, who himself has made a lot of boo-boos in his statements issued shortly after the botched operations clarifying the incident of Tsang’s calls not being answered by Aquino, yesterday said that the “issue has been totally blown out of proportion” in relation to the warring factions in the Palace.... MORE

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