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Crisis mismanagement by panic By Ronald Roy COMMENT 09/02/2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crisis mismanagement by panic
By Ronald Roy


After the smoke cleared over the Luneta carnage the other Monday, there was little doubt we would be thrown into an internecine state of frenzied blame-laying and finger-pointing. The disarray has reached a point where we must now decide for ourselves how we can regroup to salvage the national honor and recover fast from a jolted economy. For how long, nobody really knows.

One cannot but recoil at the “expert” remark of a Tourism or Foreign Affairs official that there was nothing to worry about since business relations between Hong Kong and mainland China on one hand, and our country on the other, would normalize in around “two and a half” months.

This optimism is as asinine as the notion of a pint-sized Gloria Arroyo being entered as a statuesque contestant in a beauty pageant, and uncalled for since it tends to downplay the hurt the Chinese claim we have heaped upon them. This official must learn that contrition cannot set a deadline for the grant of the forgiveness that a wrongdoer seeks.

At the same time, it is regretted that some of our Chinese friends have failed to isolate the wrongful acts of our officials as their own and not of the entire Filipino nation. It might help them to know we are among the most decent and amiable peoples in the world..... MORE

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