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Sad thing for the people of Guihulngan City Written by Jacinto ‘Jing’ Paras Sunday, 15 July 2012 00:00

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sad thing for the people of Guihulngan City

Sometime on Feb. 6 of this year, a series of very strong earthquakes rocked the City of Guihulngan and its neighboring towns. So many people died and many others were injured. Most houses were destroyed and so many people were left homeless to this day.

What would have soothed the people at the height of the earthquake would have been immediate help from many good samaritans in terms of money and relief goods. However, these funds and goods never reached in its entirety to the people because these were intercepted or were coursed through officials who appropriated the said funds and goods for their personal benefit.

Notable was the timely visit of Vice President Jejomar Binay who gave P5 million and bottled water to the victims but coursed this through the city mayor. This was followed by the arrival of President BS Aquino who also gave P3.5 million to build new houses or at least repair the damaged houses, and again the said funds were coursed through the mayor. There were several others, such as ABS CBN, GMA Network, San Miguel Corp. and many others, and public officials who provided or gave relief goods for use of the earthquake victims. Again the said relief goods were intercepted by the mayor who insisted that it should be he to distribute them to the victims. What was very sad and disgusting was that most of these funds, money  and relief goods never reached the victims because  the city mayor was alleged to have held on to most of the money and goods..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

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