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No surprise seen in ‘routine’ Sona

Monday, July 23, 2012

No surprise seen in ‘routine’ Sona


The Palace described the State of the Nation Address (Sona) today of President Aquino as “truthful, inspiring and defining” but the general expectation is that its contents would not be different from the formula of past two Sonas that focused on the sins of the past and Aquino’s claim of achievement while lacking in substance such as a clear direction on his economic policies with Sen. Joker Arroyo describing the speech as a “traditional ritual.”

The nationalist economic group Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) dared Aquino to define in the Sona its economic governance approach of “inclusive growth” in that nobody will be left behind as the economy grows. 

“Without the anti-corruption drive, the economic governance approach of Aquino, or as some quarters call it “Aquinomics,” is no different from the 10-year reign of “Arroyonomics,” according to FDC.

Aquino will deliver the address, which had to be revised nine times, in front of a Joint Session of Congress at the Batasan Pambansa and is expected to start around 3 p.m. The Senate and the House of Representatives would be convening separately in the morning before heading for the joint session which would formally pave the way for the event  which costs the government P2.7 million just for the food of the guests.  

Arroyo added that he did not expect Aquino to deliver an astounding third Sona, saying the address would likely follow what he described as “traditional ritual” and would contain his administration’s accomplishments and plans for the coming years.

“It’s a routine. All presidents say: this is what I have done and this is what I will do. It is a ritual,” Arroyo said.
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