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Living in a fantasy world Written by Tribune Editorial Wednesday, 25 July 2012 00:00

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living in a fantasy world

Noynoy’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) was, for the third time running, a rehash of his inaugural speech, using his usual meaningless “you are my boss” claim; his usual no wang-wang spiel, his Gloria and her allies corruption bashing and his mantra of change, which he now claims has already come about.

As usual, his biggest claimed achievement was his fight against corruption, which hasn’t succeeded at all.

His list of “achievements” is a big joke, considering the fact that these are expected of any administration which are no achievements to speak of, as these are what governments, locla and national are supposed to do, such as “roads are straight and level, and properly paved”; relief goods are ready even before a storm arrives, rescue services are always on stand-by; people are no longer left to fend for themselves, and all that blather that can’t be categorized as any form of presidential achievement as these are all micro projects in the scheme of governmental things.

Repairing roads is an achievement for Noynoy? People are no longer left to fend for themselves? Crime is down? Corruption is over?

Truth is, despite the figures presented by him, there was no road map presented. Where are we as a nation going? In the absence of a road map, obviously, the nation is still in the dark.

Noynoy did give specific details on certain social programs, with a spin . How is he to achieve it, funding wise?.... MORE

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