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Groups blast mining EO as rehash of old policies

Monday, July 9, 2012

Groups blast mining EO as rehash of old policies

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Even before the Palace releases today the details of the Executive Order (EO) on mining signed by President Aquino last Thursday, various groups assailed it as being no different from previous policies that do not address the root of the conflict between mining operations and the communities where the projects are located.

Instead, the new mining policy could make conflict caused by the industry even worse, Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes said, adding the new EO on mining is no different from other past policies.

Bastes said the new EO is expected to create more division between the local stakeholders and the government.

According to Aquino’s deputy spokesman Abigail Valte, small-scale mining operations and revenue sharing between the national and local governments will be the highlights of the signed EO that is seen to define the national policy in an industry from where the government gets significant part of its total annual revenue.

Valte described the new mining EO as a product of consultations with stakeholders of the mining sector. She added that the EO has had a number of revisions during the period in which it was being drafted by the environment cluster created by the President to solicit inputs from various sectors which have something to do with the mining industry, whether they be pro or against it..... MORE

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