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Gloria wins bail, posts P1M for freedom

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gloria wins bail, posts P1M for freedom

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  • Thursday, 26 July 2012 

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Arroyo to seek 3 medical opinions on bone mineral ailment

Former President Gloria Arroyo walked free from eight months in detention yesterday after a court issued a surprise ruling granting her bail, saying a vote rigging case against her was weak.

Wearing a neck brace to support her spine that is weakened from a rare disease, Arroyo left a tightly guarded military hospital in Manila where she had been awaiting trial on the charge that could see her jailed for life.
Arroyo was finally back at her La Vista abode, after Pasay City Regional Trial Court Judge Jesus Mupas granted her bail.

Mrs. Arroyo walked out of the presidential suite at the Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) where she had been under hospital arrest since December last year at exactly 2:28 in the afternoon yesterday and left the hospital ground five minutes later on board a white van after the sheriff delivered the release order signed by Mupas, hours after the former President, through her lawyers, posted a bail of P1 million.

One of Mrs. Arroyo’s counsels, lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, said the former President’s  release on P1 million bail “is a reaffirmation of what our camp has been saying all along that the charges against her are as thin as the soup made from boiling the shadow of a chicken that has been starved to death.”.... MORE

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