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False dawn for labor?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

False dawn for labor?

In March this year, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) claimed that it had been reinvigorated by the addition of several new affiliates, some of which had previously been ideologically opposed to it. The following month came the news that some 40 unions and federations, including a new center named Sentro, had formed an alliance called Nagkaisa (United).

The sober reality is that these new developments, while encouraging at first glance, rest upon a new split in the labor movement — in the TUCP, in fact — and even the unity moves contain elements of division. For example, one labor federation split as a result of the decision of the majority to leave the National Confederation of Labor and join the TUCP’s Herrera wing.

Last year, Democrito Mendoza, 89, tendered his resignation as TUCP president, a position he had occupied for 37 years. The TUCP constitution apparently provides that in such an event the general secretary, a position held for decades by Ernesto Herrera, 69, will succeed to the presidency for the remainder of the term. Herrera duly had himself sworn in. Mendoza, however, says that he was pressed by “other leaders” to withdraw his resignation — an afterthought aimed at providing leadership openings for his sons, according to some accounts. Nevertheless, the first rounds went to the Mendoza wing, as it took possession of the TUCP headquarters and “expelled” Herrera and threatened to charge him with criminal misuse of funds..... MORE

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