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Bam for senator? Why not president?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

There is so much push in talks of Bam Aquino running for senator. According to the Chinese speaking spokesman in Malacañang, Bam should be senator because he is certainly fit for the job, has a good educational background and is a good civic leader at that. Budget Secretary Abad, not to be outdone said, Bam is intelligent, entrepreneurial and had good public exposure. Some Liberal Party members cited Bam as being as articulate as Ninoy Aquino. He also looks like Ninoy and has gained many achievements despite his young age as Ninoy had.

Speaking of Ninoy, I would certainly acknowledge that he should have been one of the best presidents our country should have had. He was articulate, intelligent and brave. He sacrificed his life for the Filipino people such that we regained the freedom from the dictatorship. And Ninoy if he is today our President, I’m sure he would certainly not sacrifice the lives of the Filipinos by going to war against a very strong and powerful country for the simple reason of proving his machismo. If indeed Bam Aquino has the makings of Ninoy in contrast with his son, why wait for Bam to become senator, why not make him President now? All we need to do is ask President BS Aquino  to lend Bam his position for a few months  and who knows Bam might do it better, after all, a lot of people are saying he has the makings of Ninoy Aquino..... MORE

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