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Prudence needed

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prudence needed

At this point of rapid deterioration in relations between China and the Philippines, it really is best for the Noynoy government not to ratchet up already dangerous tensions, because the reality is that the Philippines is no match militarily of giant China.

This is not to say that being a weak opponent of China that the government simply lets China have its way over the disputed islands and give up our sovereignty claims. This is merely to state that it would be more prudent for Noynoy and his administration to adopt a low keyed position on this issue and not come up with situations that may be seen by China as a provocation.

A case in point is the publicized opening of a kindergarten school in the Spratlys by a local government official, after which Noynoy and his aides quickly retorted that there is no reason a school cannot be made to exist in the disputed island, as there has existed, for many years, if not decades, residents in that disputed area. Peace was there all the time between China and the Philippines. And then came again the Palace statements on Philippine sovereignty.

Due to the publicity generated by the kindergarten school opening in the disputed island, and the statements from the Palace justifying it, as well as the high-keyed docking of the US nuclear submarine, China reacted by reportedly deploying “combat ready” patrols to Spratlys, saying this is being done to protect China’s interests, so said the Chinese Defense Ministry..... MORE

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