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Pro-US is anti-Filipino

Friday, June 22, 2012

Filipinos have enough problems of our own than add to the already swirling burden in our minds. But dwelling on international controversies cannot be helped especially with the recent announced “rebalancing” of US military and naval forces in the Asia-Pacific, where there had been no tension of major significance insofar as that imperial power’s homeland security is concerned.

Of course, the US would want the world to believe that the so-called security interests of its allies — namely, South Korea and Japan vis-à-vis North Korea — are part of its concern. But as to whether this “adversary” really poses a threat remains largely in question.

North Korea, to begin with, has been incessantly portrayed as a hermit totalitarian state with overblown descriptions of its poverty alongside its having “the world’s fourth largest army,” while totally obscuring the fact that the Korean People’s Army owes its numbers to the multitudes working in factories or growing crops. Of course, that nation’s nuclear weapons continue to make it ever-so-convenient for Western demonizers to drum up the North Korean bogey. But what these bashers don’t want the world to know is that such nuclear weapons capabilities, which are only a handful, absent any reliable long-range delivery system, are merely a deterrent to any nuclear warheads that can rain down on it in the thousands at any time.

Sadly, many Filipinos foolishly ride on this demonization of North Korea as they do almost all the rubbish spewed by Western media. And this is because most Filipinos are only exposed to local news and opinion writers who are pro-Western and pro-US.

Surprisingly, there are still many Filipinos who see through the black propaganda despite such lopsided bias in the news. Even public opinion surveys show an absence of any overwhelming support for the warmongering of the West, such as in the recent Scarborough issue, where a significant portion of the population still favored peaceful relations over confrontation.

While we may just have to accept as a given the shrill voices over the alleged “bullying” of China based on a misunderstanding of Chinese cultural and historical, not to mention strategic, attitude to its territorial integrity, the fact is, it was the Philippines that had historically drawn “first blood” when the Philippine Navy sunk two Chinese fishing vessels in 1999, at a time when China’s maritime and naval assets were still considered “vintage.” The Chinese were indeed very upset and sought compensation — to which the Philippine Chamber of Commerce responded by footing the bill.

Then and now, Philippine foreign and strategic policy has not changed from being a handmaiden of US policy. That’s the reason for the present Philippine government doggedly following the tail of the Obama and Clinton pronouncements about the “pivot” and “refocusing” of at least 60 percent of US forces to this region.
Yet equally worse, the Philippine government merely uses up its Malampaya earnings to purchase outdated Western military equipment, such as in the case of the BRP Del Pilar and the Italian jet fighters.

All these should be very sad for Filipinos as all this re-positioning can only mean a long-term ramp-up of a regional war in Asia, as what the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) had done in Yugoslavia in the 90s and in the Middle East and Africa more recently.

Right now, the US is already fortifying its forces in and around the Straits of Malacca and in the northern coasts of Australia, where it can, with its still superior naval power, choke off oil and trade routes to China — sure to be a “soft underbelly” for that Asian giant, given its heavy dependence on external sources and buyers.

Even though Malaysia and Indonesia may ultimately not be that cooperative, trust the Philippines under the present ruling elite to be only too willing to give whatever the US wants.

Undoubtedly, the events here in the Asia-Pacific are closely linked with those in the Middle East today, particularly in Syria — which may soon see the trigger of a thermonuclear war, as pointed out by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in a press conference last May 16.

Already, the US and its Arab potentates in Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are supplying arms to Syrian rebels, while Western media are engaging in massive disinformation — such as in the heinous Houla massacre of women and children, which the UN and German newspapers have discovered to be actually committed by US-backed rebels to blame on the government — to topple the Assad regime.

With Russia recently sending Marine contingents to its naval base in Syria and China remaining mum about the Philippines’ aggressive collaboration with the US, the Filipino people must know that a real danger is paramount. A similar scenario to World War II, where the Philippines was used as a “shock absorber” — resulting in 1,000,000 civilian deaths, equivalent to 6.6 percent of the Filipino population then (as against 1,700 US civilian deaths or 0.32 percent of its population) — before any counter-attack by the West could ever be mounted, is emerging. The only difference this time is that it will be tactical and/or strategic thermonuclear weapons involved. Just imagine the horror of at least 10 to 20 percent of our population being wiped out.

Everyone should also remember that US forces killed an estimated 1 million Filipinos in the Fil-Am War. The symbol of that travesty still hangs in US military bases, with two of the Balangiga Bells in display — one at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming and another at a US Army regiment in South Korea.

To this day, many are unaware that the US didn’t actually win WWII. It was, in fact, Russia that saved the day for the Allied countries at great cost — with its 11-million-strong military and 14 million civilian deaths — compared to the 416,000 military casualties sustained by the US.

Obviously, since being pro-US means clinging on to a distorted sense of history, can anything be more anti-Filipino than that?

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