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No harmony expected EDITORIAL Click to enlarge 06/14/2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No harmony expected

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One can’t be too sure if the incumbent Supreme Court (SC) justices will be taking well the appointment by Noynoy of a chief justice who is an outsider, especially any of those who have so far been nominated as candidates for the top judicial post.

While acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio claims that appointing anyone, following tradition or not, is a presidential prerogative and that he would respect the decision of the President in his appointment, there’s still a hallow ring to that statement.

Carpio is at this time suffering from a negative public perception arising from his active involvement in getting Chief Justice Renato Corona ousted from his position. Carpio is also seen as being overly ambitious and is an ally of Noynoy, which is probably the reason Carpio, the most senior member in the SC, appears to be going out of his way to change that negative image he has earned, by pretending not to be salivating for the top post when it is evident that he wants it — and had wanted it even as early as 2010, which is why he and his cousin, now Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, came up with that act of rejecting their nomination as candidates of the SC, using as reason that they believe it should be the incoming President — Noynoy — who should be the appointing power, and not Gloria Arroyo..... MORE

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