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Ricky C., supreme apologist CROSSROADS Jonathan De la Cruz 05/07/2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ricky C., supreme apologist

Jonathan De la Cruz
If Ricky Carandang (Ricky C. to some Malacaang reporters) was merely the old newsreader he used to be going through a news brief or just picking up a thought as he browses the days news, we would not mind his saying that the over a million dollars we are spending for an ad campaign over CNN is money well spent. But he is a member of the Cabinet and supposed to be in charge of strategic planning and communications. So it is an insult to taxpayers and, of course, to us mortals for him to insist that the money spent for us to reach out to the networks alleged 250 million viewership is worth anything at all.

Consider the facts. CNNs week long (actually the series is reportedly going to run until May 14) feature on the Philippines which was timed with the 45th ADB Governors Annual Meeting began with the pagpag (garbage chicken) story which the network said was part of a hidden food system for the urban poor advising, among others, that many in Manilas slums survive on chicken scraps from trash bags. The scene is definitely heart rending and an indictment of a country and an administration which prides itself as having changed and is now primed for business. Next, CNN features the Fabella Hospital describing it as baby factory with so many births being registered daily..... MORE

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