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Moral-less DIE HARD III Herman Tiu Laurel 05/18/2012

Friday, May 18, 2012


Herman Tiu Laurel
The fundamental impediment to the credibility of the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice (CJ) Renato Corona has been the violation of the Rule of Law from the very start.
Committed by the most rabid of instigators, including but not limited to the prosecution, the campaign was recently amped up in a most blatant manner by the BS Aquino-appointed Ombudsman.

As questioned by several interrogators, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales did not obtain the consent of the alleged Foreign Currency Deposit Unit (FCDU) account holder or any of the courts as required by law, nor were there specified predicate crimes that would have allowed the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC)’s purported information to be released and publicized.

Despite the “spotless” Ombudsman’s protestations of not acting as “a tool for personal vendetta” on the pretext that she is not about to “jeopardize (her) 40 years of government service,” in the eyes of many people, she actually did just that. Considering the way she treated the law so cavalierly while showing manifest partiality for the position of BS Aquino III, the conclusion of texters such as Ferdie P. is that Carpio-Morales is simply “Carping and Moral-less.”

If the anti-Corona galleries are harping about the questionable circumstances of Corona’s ascendance to his post, similar questions are being raised about Carpio-Morales. Esteemed constitutionalist, lawyer Alan Paguia, whom I consider a practicing martyr for the Rule of Law, recalls that the current Ombudsman’s appointment smacked of conspiratorial intent and nepotism.

BS Aquino III’s immoral deal absolving former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez from the allegations of graft and corruption in exchange for her quiet resignation was meant to ensure that the already retired Supreme Court (SC) Justice Carpio-Morales could be appointed with inevitable gratitude to the appointing power — especially since she was chosen over hundreds of equally, if not more, capable, younger and incontrovertibly independent legal luminaries of proven integrity. So now, unlike other retired SC magistrates, Carpio-Morales continues to enjoy all the perks and power of a high office, and the limelight to boot.

The recent Senate testimony of BSA III’s Ombudsman seemed to establish the “82 dollar accounts” of the CJ as beyond doubt. But, as it was later corrected to be just five alleged accounts, the whole drama has become as confusing as the earlier allegations involving alleged 45 Corona properties that were whittled down to five.

There is clearly this pattern of using “shock and awe” to produce massively high impact, derogatory headlines to leave the lingering impression on the impressionable public that the hyperbole is a fact, when it is nothing but a lie.

We don’t know how much of the allegations are true; thus, we have to await Corona’s testimony if we are to ensure that no one is taken for a ride.

Already, some major newspaper opinion writers have been jumping to conclusions, with large print column titles that say “The boxing game is over for Corona,” implying that the Carpio-Morales testimony dealt a death blow, despite the Corona camp carrying on the fight to the last round.

Most people, pundits and serious analysts among them, believe the Senate will convict Corona even if no proof of guilt is shown. The reactions range from “It’s all partisan and the ruling party will have the votes,” to “It’s the money that talks,” with rumored amounts in cash of “pork barrel” or whatever deals Malacañang can offer.

It is all “moral-less,” believe me; and the more I watch these senators trying to convict Corona, the sillier the effort by these pots to picture the kettle black become.

Still, even if guilt is established at all, it would not be a surprise either because the system that prevails today is completely “moral-less” and success in life is determined not by the old values of integrity, honesty, and industry but by “abilidad” or wile and guile to outrank the good.

Doubtlessly, most of these accusing congressmen, senators, “evil society” and big business people, like the Makati Business Club rooting for Aquino III, cannot be outdone in their mastery of the “moral-less” system — especially not by the CJ.

That is why in the midst of increasing misery, the system even gifts big business oligarchs with continuously escalating profits and consolidating corporate powers.

Last May 8, it was headlined that “Philippine hunger incidence hit a record high in March as more Filipino families reported… (experiencing) hunger in the past three months,” (with the SWS) “nationwide poll conducted from March 10 to 13… (disclosing) that 23.8 percent of respondents or an equivalent of around 5 million Filipino families reported that they did not have anything to eat at least once” in the said period.
Contrast that to this news, “Power distributor Manila Electric Co. recorded profits for the first quarter of 2012 rose 58.2 percent from the year before,” and this, “conglomerates post higher profits,” which cited among others that Lopez Holdings Corp. “reported a 192-percent increase in first quarter net income to P2.63 billion from P902 million registered in the same period last year” and you’ll get the picture.

Evidently, like what’s going on in the halls of the Senate, the Lower House, Malacañang, and all other institutions of society, it’s a “moral-less” conduct of affairs everyday; and it will persist unless some radical change comes over the nation.

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(Reprinted with permission from Mr. Herman Tiu-Laurel)

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