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GPH set to terminate peace talks with NDFP next year – NDFP’s Agcaoili

Saturday, May 26, 2012

GPH set to terminate peace talks with NDFP next year – NDFP’s Agcaoili

The prospect for a peace agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines becomes dimmer as President Aquino accuses the NDFP of issuing ‘impossible demands’ and the NDFP accusing Aquino of laying the groundwork for scuttling the talks.

The negotiating panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) deplored President Benigno Aquino III’s earlier attacks against the NDFP. Last May 17, Aquino went on air in an interview with Bombo Radyo and alleged that the NDFP was insincere in its calls for peace.

In the radio interview, Aquino said the NDFP continues to set an expanding series of conditions for the peace talks. He claimed that these conditions served to delay and prolong the process, and negate chances of a peace agreement being forged between the two negotiating parties. Aquino also placed the blame on NDFP chief political consultant Jose Ma. Sison, implying that he was the one who was setting the conditions.

Aquino also said if the NDFP is sincere in pursing peace, it should stop attacking government forces. He also insisted that the NDFP should provide a list of conditions that are “doable,” as opposed to those that are “impossible.” He said the NDFP’s demands are “impossible to achieve.”

Among the “impossible demands” Aquino mentioned was the NDFP’s insistence on the recognition of the list of persons who may be covered under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees. He said the NDFP refuses to present the list saying that the CD containing the names has been corrupted.

NDFP peace panel member Fidel V. Agcaoili immediately corrected Aquino, saying that it was the president who is exposing himself “as the hypocrite who pays lip service to peace but is in fact obsessed with carrying out a brutal war under the US-instigated Oplan Bayanihan.”.... MORE


URL: http://bulatlat.com/main/2012/05/25/gph-set-to-terminate-peace-talks-with-ndfp-next-year-%E2%80%93-ndfp%E2%80%99s-agcaoili/


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