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Family questions circumstances surrounding death of OFW in Singapore

Monday, May 28, 2012

Family questions circumstances surrounding death of OFW in Singapore

Manila-The family of a 23-year old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who fell to her death in Singapore last May 12 is pleading to authorities to help them find justice. The parents of Apple Gamale refuse to accept the explanations of the Singapore police that their daughter jumped from a building because she was severely depressed.

Gamale’s body arrived at the Davao International Airport early this week and was immediately taken to the Gamale residence in Ilangay, Lupon Davao Oriental.

(Photo grabbed from Apple Gamale Facebook account / bulatlat.com)
According to a report from the Davao City office of Migrante International, Gamale arrived in Singapore only last May 4 this year and began working for her new employer on May 9. On May 13, her family received a call from the Singapore police informing them that the young woman was killed after jumping from the balcony of the employer’s sixth floor condominium unit the previous day. The Philippine Embassy in Singapore, in the meantime, said that Gamale had been suffering from severe homesickness and depression and this was what prompted her to leap to her death. Her body was reportedly found on the fourth floor’s balcony.

The regional coordinator of Migrante International in Davao City Lanie Oñada said the Aquino government and its agencies involved in OFW employment and welfare should investigate the circumstances surrounding Gamale’s death. She said both the group and Gamale’s family find the Philippine Embassy in Singapore’s explanation questionable and unacceptable.

In her Facebook page, Gamale’s last posts previous to her arrival in Singapore carried a happy, excited and enthusiastic tone. It was evident that she was looking forward to going to Singapore. The last photos she posted featured her hanging out with friends in what was presumably a send-off party..... MORE


URL: http://bulatlat.com/main/2012/05/24/family-questions-circumstances-surrounding-death-of-ofw-in-singapore/


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