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Fomenting anti-Korean, anti-Chinese sentiments meant to justify increased US presence?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fomenting anti-Korean, anti-Chinese sentiments meant to justify increased US presence?

Why is the Aquino government suddenly being combative against China, over the disputed Spratly Islands, and North Korea over its satellite launch?
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Philippine govt compromises own Scarborough claim

MANILA – Sudden “tension” at the Scarborough shoal, seemingly contradictory government statements over North Korea’s satellite launch (such as the “highly unlikely but probable” danger being raised by Defense Undersecretary Benito Ramos), government officials’ intermittent discussions of the Chinese threat at the Spratlys – these are just some of the security worries occupying the Aquino government as reported by the mainstream media. But do these really constitute threats or, as some critics asked, are these just preparations for justifying the arrival of more than 4,700 US troops this month?

Until the Philippine government started arresting Chinese fisherfolk at Scarborough shoal, Filipino fisherfolk living near and fishing at the rich shoal told a TV interview that they and the Taiwanese and Chinese fisherfolk have all been fishing together in that shoal. There was no enmity and tension, based on their accounts. Some fisherfolk even said that at times, when they have no catch yet, those Chinese or Taiwanese fisherfolk would even share with them their catch. All the Filipino fisherfolk pray is that they will not be barred from fishing in the shoal.

As to the impending North Korean launch of a satellite, geopolitics expert Prof. Roland Simbulan told Bulatlat.com that the government warnings against the potential risks due to the launch, such as falling debris, for example, are “exaggerated.” There is no truth to that, said Simbulan, explaining that the debris from the rockets to be used for the launch would shatter into small pieces as it falls into the earth..... MORE


URL: http://bulatlat.com/main/2012/04/13/fomenting-anti-korean-anti-chinese-sentiments-meant-to-justify-increased-us-presence/


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