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Women to protest increasing prices of oil, basic commodities on March 8

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women to protest increasing prices of oil, basic commodities on March 8

In the morning of March 8, Gabriela will hold a protest action at the Pandacan Oil Deport and in the afternoon at around 2 p.m., the women’s group will hold a program at Plaza Miranda in Quiapo to be capped by a torch parade from Plaza Miranda to Mendiola in the evening.

MANILA — In the face of the weekly and unabated price increases of oil and other basic commodities, progressive women from Gabriela call on the Filipino people to unite on March 8, the International Women’s Day, to press the government to control prices.
“We will continue to criticize government policies that make the lives of Filipino women and their families poor. Since International Women’s Day was first commemorated, the oppression and exploitation of women have never stopped. The issues they are confronting might have changed over the years but the struggle never ceased,” Joms Salvador, deputy secretary general of Gabriela, said.

The International Women’s Day is being commemorated worldwide since 1911. In the Philippines, women’s participation in the struggle to free the country from oppressors, such as that of Gabriela Silang and Gregoria de Jesus, is already evident in its rich history. But it was only during martial law under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos that International Women’s Day was formally commemorated. Every year since, Gabriela has been holding a big protest action to commemorate International Women’s Day.

In a statement, Gabriela said women carry the burden of making sure that their meager family income would be able to cover the family’s daily needs. “The women mainly forego their share of the food wso that her husband and children could eat. This is why it is in the interest of the women to protest and fight against the increasing prices of oil and staple goods that has brought further burden to Filipino families.”

A recent SWS survey reveals an increase in families experiencing involuntary hunger at least once in the past three months. The survey was conducted from December 3 to 7 , 2011. The number of families who experienced hunger in December, at 22.5 percent or an estimated 4.5 million families, is higher than the 21.5 percent or 4.1 million families who experienced involuntary hunger last September 2011..... MORE


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