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Clear and imminent danger VIEWPOINTS Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz 02/26/2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clear and imminent danger

Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz
\"Danger” means the reality of a threat or a hazard, a pending disaster or something ominous and sinister. The danger is said to be “clear” when it is already distinct and felt, when it is somehow now simply expected but probably even in fact experienced. Ultimately, the same danger is qualified as “imminent” when it is perceived as probably forthcoming and wherefore already impending. Though sad to take note of and think about, it is however good to face the truth that there is a clear and imminent danger poised against the People of the Philippines — taking into realistic account the composite significance and implications of but the three following signal political plus economic plus social fast building up liabilities in the country.

First and foremost, there is the gradually most noticeable propensity — akin to an obsession — of the present administration to continuously flex its muscles in demonstration of its defining resolve to acquire progressively more power and the pursuant exercise of gradually greater influence in the exercise of governance. The key sign of this fearful phenomenon is the now ongoing impeachment process precisely lodged by Malacañang. In other words, the Commander-in-Chief is manifestly flexing his muscles not only in making the Legislative function according to plan but also to eventually run the Judiciary as well. This is why there are already some people who go to the extent of saying that there are already signs of a “dictatorial” behavioral pattern on the part of the Chief Executive..... MORE

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