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Drones cleared for domestic use across the US

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drones cleared for domestic use across the US

What do you know about drones? You know drones — those robotic, unmanned planes that fire missiles for the American military across Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else the United States needs to get away with murder.

Well if you don’t know too much, don’t worry, that’ll change soon. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into rules that will bring the controversial aircraft into the country, creating an United States airspace buzzing with tiny, robot planes to look over every inch of American soil — and maybe more.

An article published Tuesday in the Los Angeles Times reveals that new drone planes could be coming domestically quite soon, as both law enforcement and the agricultural sector are seeing benefits in keeping an arsenal of unmanned planes ready to patrol the skies. For farmers, drones could bring a new method of pumping pesticides into fields of crops from above; for the cops, the aircraft could conduct surveillance over suspected criminals (think police chopper but remote controlled). The Times reports that utility companies see a benefit in drones as well, giving them a new set of eyes to monitor oil, gas and water pipelines..... MORE


URL: http://rt.com/usa/news/us-drones-border-patrol-489/


Jesusa Bernardo said...

haha. hyper, high-tech, tyrannical, authoritarian, anti-democratic, fascist, super-elitist 1%-ruled evl united states of america (a.k.a. bald eagle) it will soon be. god bless america!

“On any given day there could be three or more (unmanned) aircraft in Texas,” said Kostelnik.

As the FAA investigates legislation to govern drones domestically for a variety of reasons, the US Air Force says that it will train more drone pilots than fighter and bomber pilots combined, reports National Public Radio. Though the military has not explicitly stated that they intend on flying Predator drones — the kind equipped with Hellfire missiles — through American airspace, it will soon have the manpower to up their robot game. Strangely enough, the US Senate is currently considering a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act which would make America a battlefield of itself, which RT reported on Monday."

Anonymous said...

The drone pilots were told to patrol away from the drug smugglers by their corrupt superiors.

Talo pa rin.

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