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Christmas VIEWPOINTS Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz 12/20/2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz
The times are bad and the future is dark. The country is stagnant and millions of Filipinos are suffering from hunger and uncertainty. The local and national problems are not only multiplying but also worsening. The quest for justice and peace remains elusive and the imperative of socio-economic development is far from being seriously attended, much less realistically pursued. The Philippines nevertheless continuous to have one singular blessing: The Filipinos who keep the faith, live with hope, believe in love — especially so during Christmas.

This is the primary reason, notwithstanding all arguments to the contrary, the Philippines is rather known for having the longest Christmas Season in the world. This is also why the Filipinos — creative and ingenious as they are — successfully combine their own native Christian heritage with many elements of imported Christmas symbols and practices..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/commentary/20111220com5.html

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

‎"sharing." minsan o hindi bihira, FORCIBLE sharing pag pasko. madalas po ang nakawan/dukutan pag pasko kasi gusto ng mga kawatan, may pasko rin syempre ang pamilya nila. :)

"Thank God there is Christmas! It is an opportunity to be both aware and convinced that most people still subscribe to and practice love of others. The truth is that there are but relatively few individuals who case havoc in society, in the country. There are the few individuals who live in evil and thrive in vices — and who thereby make people in general both sad and afraid. It is during the Christmas season in particular that prove the goodness and kindness of people to one another. It is the marked time of sharing, of loving and serving others."

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