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(w/ Video) American police: To serve and protect (the 1%)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

 American police: To serve and protect (the 1%)

The ongoing anti-greed Occupy protests have seen too many instances of police using brutal tactics against demonstrators. Some says the US is militarizing its police force and squashing the very freedoms it is so keen to preach internationally.

In recent months, US police officers have made an enemy out of those citizens using their freedom of speech to protest against corporate greed and corrupt politics, reports RT’s Marina Portnaya.

Today’s breed of law enforcers are dressed in riot gear and armed with heavy weaponry, body armor, flash bangs, tear gas, and potentially lethal projectiles. As tens of thousands of Americans assemble, cops have been accused of creating confrontation, not defusing it. Some veterans of the force can’t help but resent the situation..... MORE


URL: http://rt.com/news/police-brutality-occupy-protests-207/

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

uy, pati ilang mga beteranong pulis at sundalo ng kalbong agila nagagalit na sa ginagawa sa Occupy Movement na mga nagproprotesta. WALA daw dangal sa ginagawa sa kanila! hayzzz, sasabihin na naman ng mga zzzombie na pinoy/fil.am na kesyo kesa naman 'komunista...raa raa raa!'...LOL.

"“It’s a travesty of democracy, the way the police are totally suppressing the people’s right to assemble and to protest. I joined the force to protect people’s rights to assemble and protest, not to squash them,” said Ray Lewis, retired Philadelphia police captain.

"And America’s military veterans have a similar opinion.

"“There is no honor in this! If you want to go fight, go to Iraq and Afghanistan!” shouted US Marine Sergeant and Iraq veteran Shamar Thomas as he rebuked policemen for targeting Occupy New York protesters."

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