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Too late, too little C.R.O.S.S.R.O.A.D.S Jonathan De la Cruz 06/06/2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Too late, too little

Jonathan De la Cruz
So, who are DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and Customs Commissioner Lito Alvarez trying to impress? This question is being asked in view of reports that the duo have ordered their subordinates to do things which have actually been done and advised to them accordingly. That was sometime back. Is it a case of amnesia or simply these two having belated musings disguised as orders in a bid to hit the headlines? In Robredo’s case, no less than senior AFP officers and now, PNP Spokesman Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz Jr., have confirmed that they have actually done an inventory of the Ampatuan armory and everything is accounted for and under lock and key. They have also advised that Robredo and other senior DILG/PNP officials have the names of the custodians of these inventoried items so if any of these get lost they know who to chew and made to answer..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/commentary/20110606com4.html

1 comment

Anonymous said...

These two would not be at their places if they did not play their part. Acting like one is a tough job. Functioning as one, like as an effective cabinet secretary has never been in the agenda of these two nincompoops.

Paporma, Pasikat, Papansin, you know the ususal 3 P's.. chicken. They can bribe anyone and deodorize themselves. But we knwo who they are already.

Ngayon nasabugan na naman uli, both are tied at 2, one has Luneta incident earlier and the other has some golf club na dapat ihataw sa ulo niya. Walang kwenta talaga mga tao ng eunuch.

This article points it out, and its a good read by Jonathan De La Cruz, the good source man.

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