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‘General Appropriations Act’ TABLETS OF STONE Larry Faraon, OP 01/30/2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

‘General Appropriations Act’

Larry Faraon, OP
...Or the act of appro-priating public funds to the generals!

Of course, we can provide answers to explain why such corruption of the highly placed among the generals epitomized by the retired generals now scorching their assess at the Senate hot seats. Indeed, since the time of the late Ferdinand Marcos who bankrolled the military, especially the helm masters, for his martial law mechanics, dynamics and logistics, a culture of “awakening the sleeping giants” has crept into the sacred grounds of camps where the military has become fully aware of the maximum use of their position, precision and power in perpetuating civilian power but not without favors, either during their incumbency or after, from their handlers or manipulators.

Any sitting president for that matter has to woo and coo the defense establishment to secure his position at least for the duration of his term or at least ensure that no military adventurism such as a “coup d’etat” or a military putsch would push through in case of a general dissatisfaction among the people. The Cory government knew too well the role of the military in the political governance and leaned on Gen. Fidel Ramos to offset the lingering ambitions of Col. Gringo Honasan and company by appointing him as Chief of Staff and later endorsing him as the next president of the Republic. Being a military man himself, Ramos kept at bay any adventurism. However, failing to “Cha-cha” his way into a term extension, he connived imperatively in ousting illegally a duty elected sitting president in 2001..... MORE

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