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Makibaka: Music Inspired by the Struggle for Change

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makibaka: Music Inspired by the Struggle for Change

In ‘Makibaka The Album,’ Karl Ramirez offers an hour of progressive music that will appeal to a young, mainstream audience as much it does to an older generation of Filipino activists.
MANILA — Progressive music will forever leave its mark in the history of “original Pilipino music” (OPM).
Who could miss the musical contributions of legendary folk musicians Heber Bartolome, Susan Fernandez, Buklod, and Asin? Or punk bands like The Jerks, Betrayed and Urban Bandits during the ‘80s who, loudly and proudly, criticized the ruling order?

During the ‘90s, people who join rallies would listen to songs by Patatag and Tambisan sa Sining or watch Jess Santiago or Danny Fabella sing their compositions. Many have memorized a song or two from the Rosas ng Digma album.

Fast-forward to 2010 and now comes a new breed of people’s musicians featured in Makibaka (Struggle), a seven-track compilation album consisting of songs for and about the struggle for meaningful change.

(Photo courtesy of makibakathealbum.com / bulatlat.com)
Makibaka the album was first introduced to the public during the commemoration of President Benigno Aquino III’s 100th day in power last Oct. 8, where the song of the same title was performed during the protest action led by progressive groups at Don Chino Roces Bridge (formerly Mendiola) in Manila. The album was officially launched on Nov. 4 through its official website.
The album stayed true to its tagline “Rakenrol Tungong Pagbabago (Rock ‘n Roll Towards Change).” The songs veer away from the usual musical style of protest songs that have folk and marching beats, and instead will give its listeners half an hour of pulsating drums beats and powerful guitar riffs, a few ballad-like tunes, and the Rico Blanco-esque vocals of album producer and chief performer, Karl Ramirez. Makibaka is a rock ‘n roll album that will be greatly appreciated not only by the progressive circle but also by the mainstream audience..... MORE


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