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PAL A Flag-Carrier of Unprecedented Anti-Labor Rulings? Published on November 6, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

PAL A Flag-Carrier of Unprecedented Anti-Labor Rulings?

Published on November 6, 2010
Under the plan approved by the Department of Labor and Employment, PAL would outsource the in-flight catering, call center reservations and airport services (passenger, cargo and ramp handling) departments to “third-party providers” , eVentus PLDT and Skylogistics, two of which, employees revealed are Lucio Tan dummies if not directly under his group’s Macro Asia.
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In 1998, PAL retrenched some 5,000 employees. Among those retrenched were 1,400 flight attendants who believed they were dismissed for having availed of maternity leaves. The PAL management, for its part, had cited other reasons for sacking them.

Amid an ambitious re-fleeting program, PAL in 1998 was complaining of losses and threatening the country that it would close the flag carrier. These complaints of “losses” had prompted the Philippine government to intervene and help PAL with a rehabilitation plan, in the process committing many anti-labor acts.

This rehab caused the wholesale dismissal of PAL pilots and union-busting of the pilot’s union. It gave rise also to the unprecedented 10-year CBA moratorium for those that remained in PAL’s employ after the massive retrenchment.

Now that these are over – both the rehab and the CBA moratorium – and PAL has been able to fully pay all its loan-purchased aircraft, both FASAP and PALEA, the remaining unions of cabin and ground crew, are decrying the mass lay-off and contractualization awaiting some 3,000 long-time ground crew.

“Is this the thank you we would get for sacrificing our CBA to help in PAL’s rehab?” employees now asked..... MORE


URL: http://www.bulatlat.com/main/2010/11/06/pal-a-flag-carrier-of-unprecedented-anti-labor-rulings/


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