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It’s all about the RH bill EDITORIAL Click to enlarge 10/02/2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It’s all about the RH bill

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Churchmen are so against the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill for the sole reason that once enacted into law, there is no way the Catholic Church hierarchy can pressure the Malacañang tenant to go slow on the use of contraceptives since the law is there to be enforced.

This means that, under the RH bill, government will have to provide poor couples contraceptives for free, if they choose this method of family planning, and along with it, government, through its health workers, would have to start educating the general public into the ways and means available to couples who choose to limit the number of their children.

In truth, Malacañang does not need a law to provide couples contraceptives. It is not illegal for government to do so. As a matter of fact, contraceptives are not a banned item in this country and one can freely purchase condoms, pills, and intra-uterine devices in stores.

But Catholic bishops know that as long as there is no law on this, government can easily be swayed by them to toe the Catholic line on the contraceptive issue.

Under the Gloria Arroyo presidency, it is on record that the government through the Health department, provided some P50 million or so funding supposedly for birth control education to couples, but these funds went to the Couples for Christ, an organization that strictly toes the Church line. Obviously, what this group was educating the poor couples was for them to go into natural birth control, which would be the rhythm method, the temperature taking method to check on the woman’s ovulation period, as well as the abstinence method, all of which are sanctioned by the Church..... MORE

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