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Been there; heard that EDITORIAL 10/29/2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Been there; heard that

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The last time a Palace occupant felt irritated by a “small” newspaper that she claimed she never read and swore for her administration not to subscribe to it, even when she and her Cabinet reacted vehemently to its reports, and read it anyway, top-level pressure started to be applied on this newspaper in an attempt to choke it of its primary source of income, advertisements.

Failing to do that, the pressure was gradually raised in intensity until in 2006, Malacañang tried to forcefully take over the operations of The Tribune, padlocked the printing press, confiscated several documents without any search warrant through an illegal raid by her police forces.

So here we go again. The other day, Noynoy Aquino ranted in Vietnam that a small newspaper with very “minimal readers” had upset him since it printed a warning from a prelate that he may not complete his six-year term as a result of his poor management skills and his reliance on a two-man team in the Palace in the crafting of major policies and decisions.

While not mentioning the name of the paper he was referring to, he described it as a “Manila-based newspaper of minor circulation, minor only because it only has few readers,” it was evident that he meant this paper since it was only The Tribune, that carried in its front page a story quoting Marbel Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez on his assessment of Aquino’s leadership skills on the day Noynoy went nuts in Vietnam..... MORE

SourceThe Daily Tribune

URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/commentary/20101029com1.html

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