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A scam is a scam is a scam EDITORIAL 10/30/2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A scam is a scam is a scam

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Dinky Soliman and her Code-NGO were hardly known entities before Gloria Arroyo and a treasonous military chief of staff, along with his highly unprofessional service chiefs, mounted a coup against the democratically elected Joseph Estrada; which coup was blessed by the disgraceful Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. with Gloria ascending to the presidency.

As Soliman and her group were supporters, including Teresita Deles, of the coup and of Gloria, they landed Cabinet jobs in the Arroyo government.
It is fact that Gloria, flushed with success at becoming president through the coup, quickly announced that Dinky would be her Social Welfare secretary. The next announced appointee was Deles, which already showed just how close their ties were with Gloria, as well as their being very influential in her government — until of course 2005, after their attempted “constitutional coup” against Gloria collapsed and they were then forced to go public, distance themselves from Gloria and demand her resignation.

Incidentally, with Dinky and Deles worming themselves into the Noynoy camp, they too, exert a lot of influence in the Noynoy government today. As it was with Gloria, so it was that Noynoy’s first announced secretaries were Soliman and Deles.
During the early years of the Gloria presidency, it was more than evident that Dinky and her Code-NGO had the ear of Gloria, as they also appear to have the ear of Noynoy, so much so that he quickly absolves them of any and all allegations.

The fact alone that a then unknown non-government organization, calling itself Code-NGO of which Dinky Soliman was its chairman, could get the Philippine government under Gloria to get a P10 billion float going through the Code-NGO’s PEACe Bonds, and for which the Filipino people will have to pay through the nose by next year, the amount of P35 billion, already showed its ties and influence with the Gloria government..... MORE

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